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Sakana Takeda monofi lament was created for taking long casts. Laboratory works concerning its composition have taken almost two years, but final e_ ect is above highest expectations.

According to assumptions, we’ve received ideally smooth and soft monofi lament, perfectly lying on a spool of the reel, which influenced casting tests by increasing e_ ective range by about 10%. Additionally, we found that the line strength is at a very high level, practically unparalleled for other fishing lines. To ensure the proper abrasion resistance, a special machine simulating impact of sharp elements covering bottom of body of water, such as stones and mussels colonies, was used. Final measurements shown minimal attrition, at the level of the best monofi lament lines belong to class of Premium Top Class.


Sakana brand origin leads to Japan, the country where rod building is an art. It is the place where the new technologies are born and then they’re used by leading manufacturers. The main objective for Sakana engineers is to create constructions using fi bre prepreg, what gave a possibility to construct slimmer and lighter blanks, without losing flexibility and power. Guarantee of quality of each rod is multistage quality control process, starting from components control, through strict inspection of whole

production process, ending with final control of produced rods. High standard of each Sakana rod finishing will please even the most fastidious customers.The most advanced materials available on the market, both concerning concept of used carbon mat, handle and guides. After many years of research and series of tests, concept of Hi-Carbon molecular technology emerged, which enables to tighten carbon.



·         minimale Dehnung

·         hohe Zugfestigkeit

·         im Wasser nahezu unsichtbar

·         durch beste Kalibration sehr gute Wurfeigenschaften

·         kein Memoryeffekt

·         Spule 150m



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